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Crossbow Features: 7 Things You Need to Know

If your thinking about getting a crossbow here are a few basics you will want to know.


How Your Small Business Can Compete With The Big Guys

Gorilla Marketing that’s what we do. Frenzy Outdoors, making our mark in the hunting industry one post at a time, and learning as we go.

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It’s hard for any small business to get the leg up on their bigger competitors. It is a sad but simple fact that people know the big companies exist and are often unaware of the existence of many smaller companies. The huge marketing campaigns larger companies can afford to create doesn’t help either. The only thing you can do is try to advertise yourself, but if you attempt to compete with bigger companies by marketing in traditional media you will fail. Thankfully guerrilla marketing is a great alternative for businesses wanting to grab attention and a loyal customer base. Small-Vs-Big-Businesses

Guerrilla marketing refers to any form of advertisement that is unconventional and does not use traditional media such as television, magazines and newspaper. As such, what you can do with guerrilla marketing is limited only by your imagination, and is often low cost enough that even the smallest of businesses can…

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